A condition of entry to Quilt Showcase is that your quilt will be photographed by Victorian Quilters Inc., for our records and for publicity purposes such as in our quarterly magazine and on our website.

These images may appear on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Reports may also appear in various patchwork and quilting magazines and on sponsors websites.

Visitors to the exhibition are also permitted to photograph the quilts. These photographs are expected to be for the personal use of the photographer, however, sharing these images on social media is very common.

Please be aware that placing these photos on social media MUST include reference to where the exhibit was presented and full details of whose artwork it is.

If sometime in the future you decide to make a quilt based on a photograph you have taken at any exhibition and then decide to exhibit your quilt, be aware that the copyright for the design belongs to the first quilt maker and MUST be fully detailed in entry documentation.

Click here to read What is Copyright. If in doubt, always ask for advice OR see Australian Copyright Council website.

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