Committee and Sub-Committees

LtoR. Secretary - Lyn Cooper; Ordinary members – Andrea Taylor, Glenne Reid, Michelle Kelly, Leonie Wolfe; Treasurer – Jennifer Wain; President- Judith Oke. Marie Lee, Ordinary member was not present.

Victorian Quilters is an incorporated body which holds elections at an Annual General Meeting each year.  The next Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held at the Summer Gathering 2024.
Associations Incorporations Reform Regulations 2012 as the rules under which we operate. A copy of the current Victorian Quilters Inc. Rules can be downloaded and printed here…NEW VQ Constitution – May 2016.

The committee comprises four Executive Members, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and the number of ordinary committee members is determined at the annual general meeting each year. Currently there is provision for 12 ordinary committee members, however, currently there are a number of vacancies.

Various sub-committees exist and are operated by willing volunteers. No organisation can function without an energetic and dedicated governing body. If you are interested in joining the committee please contact the President.

We acknowledge and thank the current committee for their time, energy and expertise in making Victorian Quilters Inc. the organisation that it is. We also acknowledge those members who have previously contributed their time and expertise by being on the committee. Thank you for your service.

Patron of Victorian Quilters Inc:  Janet O’Dell.

Committee Member


Email address

VACANT. VicQuilters is seeking an interested member to take on this position.

Vice President

Lyn Cooper


Jennifer Wain


Michelle Kelly


Andrea Taylor


Michelle Kelly


VACANT VicQuilters is seeking an interested member to take on this position.


Marie Lee

Editor, VQ Magazine


Very Snuggly Quilts

Glenne Reid

Ordinary Member

Leonie Wolfe

Ordinary Member

Sub-committee Members


Email Address


Showcase Convenor

Linda Steele

Exhibitions Consultant

Leslie Edwards

One Step Further

Lyn Cooper

Quilt Stand Hire

Chris Serong

Quilt Angel Coordinator

Other Roles


Email Address

Mary Hitchens/Margaret Parkinson

Judging Accreditation

Frances Toscano

Honour Roll

Fiona Harrison


Janet O’Dell

Quilt Study Groups

Heather Shepherd

Quilt Appraisal

Elaine Hicks

Very Snuggly Quilt Hospital Liaison

Josephine Kelly

Very Snuggly Quilt Hospital Distribution

Val Jackson

Quilt Australia Secretary

Marita Atkins

Website Administrator


The Management committee currently comprises of an Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and supported by seven (12) General Committee Members.  At present there are four ordinary committee positions vacant.


Chairs all committee and social meetings.  Represents VQ at functions where VQ is involved.  The President is automatically included in all sub-committee structures and is a leading delegate for the Quilt Australia national forum.

Vice President:

Assists the President as required. Represents VQ when the President is unable to attend.

NB: This position is usually seen as either preparing for the President’s position or as the step back support role for the new President.


Attends to all correspondence directed to the registered post office box and forwards such correspondence to the relevant Program Coordinator. If a Minute Secretary is not nominated from within the General Committee positions, the Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of all committee meetings and general meetings, and may be requested to provide administrative assistance to sub-committees when needed. Ensures that all historical documents are directed in a timely manner to the Archivist.


Manages all finances of VQ, keeping accurate records and attends to the audit functions as stipulated by Australian Accounting Standards for the AGM process.  Liaises with the insurance brokers to keep policies up to date.  Assists the coordinators of all VQ programs with budget management.


Membership Secretary:

Manages all aspects relating to VQ Membership.

Sponsorship Coordinator:

Actively seeks out potential sponsorship opportunities and maintains a professional relationship with existing sponsors. This position may source assistants with prior approval of the management Committee.

VQ Magazine Editor:

Receives all submissions for articles of interest for the Vic Quilter magazine. Liaises with all Member Groups and VQ Secretary for compiling the Diary Dates entries. Liaises with the graphic artist at the printer to ensure that the magazine is published in a timely manner. This position is currently vacant. The role of Editor is currently being undertaken by the President.

Website Administrator:

Updates VQ website on a regular basis. The website is maintained by MTA Designs who liaises with the President, Vice President, Secretary, Sponsorship Coordinator and other portfolio coordinators as the need arises.

Gatherings Coordinator:

Manages all aspects for the planning of all gatherings with hostess Member Groups and liaises with Group Representatives for exchange of information.

Exhibition Convenor:

Manages all aspects of Quilt Showcase and assists with planning other exhibitions.

Other Committee / Sub-committee portfolios

Judging Accreditation, Appraisal, One Step Further, Very Snuggly Quilts Hospital Coordinator, Very Snuggly Quilts Quilt making Coordinator, Travelling Suitcase, Quilt Stand Hire, Australia’s Biggest Quilting Bee, & Archival portfolios. Leaders for these programs and services are sought as the need arises, while an elected committee person will be appointed to liaise with these coordinators.

Further information regarding the roles of the members of the committee are included in the Rules of Victorian Quilters Inc. or maybe you would prefer to speak to a current committee member.

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