Quilt Study Group

The Quilt Study Group is designed to fulfill the aims of Victorian Quilters Inc to promote the appreciation, knowledge and understanding of the heritage of quilt making.

What is a Quilt Study Group and what does it do?

Mission: To study quilts, quilt history and related material culture in an informal and friendly environment.

To have opportunities to view vintage and antique quilts, as well as fabrics.
To share knowledge and resources through discussion, the internet and social media.
To provide educational programs at each meeting.
To promote quilts and textiles as an expression of material culture.
To provide fellowship among quilters.

Quilt Study Groups are small groups of quilt enthusiasts who gather on a fairly regular basis to examine each other’s quilt treasures and share their knowledge of quilt and/or general textile history.  These groups are an opportunity for the both the novice and the experienced quilt historian to be able to closely examine and discuss individual quilts, their history, materials and techniques. Quilt study groups also share information on quilt related exhibitions, conferences and other events that are happening in the quilt world including recently published books. There is usually a set theme for each meeting.

Most quilt study groups are very informal and welcome new members or visitors. Different groups have different guidelines but if possible, each member of the group brings an item related to quilt history for discussion by the group. By examining and discussing each other’s quilt related treasures, members learn from each other’s knowledge of a specific topic such as why a specific mordant might be used in a certain time period, or how home furnishings or women’s clothing influenced a quilting styles.

A quilt study group will discuss restoration techniques and accepted conservation practice as they relate to a specific quilt or textile. A participating member may be asked to do some research to be presented at the following meeting. This presentation might be on some aspect of quilt history such as the use of a particular sewing tool, fabric, dye or other historical information impacting antique quilts. It might also be research on upcoming quilt related events or a book review. The group may set up field trips to local museums or volunteer their services to museums to help research and catalogue their quilts.

While the emphasis is on quilt history, a quilt study group will occasionally discuss modern methods and styles of quilts. These may be new to the quilting world today but need to be noted and recorded as eventually what is innovative today will be part of quilt history

Enquiries: Janet O’Dell 03 9434 7127 or email: quiltstudy@victorianquilters.org

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