Patchwork in Schools

An Open Invitation to all Victorian Primary & Secondary Students and their Schools

The purpose of the program is:

  • to encourage children to learn and enjoy the art of sewing whether it be by hand or machine
  • to introduce children to the art of quilt making
  • to show them how different mediums can be used to create what they want, and that it does not need to be only traditional, but it can be modern, innovative or textile art
  • to encourage students to learn the history behind the art and design of patchwork and quilting  they have chosen to complete
  • to encourage children to achieve and to be proud of their efforts
  • to proudly display their work in public at Quilt Exhibitions and Country Shows
  • to promote a future for patchwork and quilting

Schools are encouraged to include patchwork and quilting as part of their yearly curriculum or as an After School Program. Victorian Quilters Inc. is encouraging interested individual patchworkers and/or Member Groups to help schools and perhaps even “Adopt A School”.

To this end the aims are:

  • to communicate with the teachers involved at each school and give them as much support as possible.
  • to have communication with the schools regularly either by email, phone or visits to encourage the students with their work.
  • to have patchworkers who are willing to go into the schools to teach specific skills to these students
  • to encourage and assist schools in applying for grants  – for purchase of sewing machines and other equipment, maintenance of sewing machines & other equipment.
  • to have shops who will support them also by holding holiday classes for students.
  • to have projects for students that are achievable to be completed. This will instil confidence into students by promoting & supporting them to enter their finished project into Quilt Showcase annually
  • to foster up and coming happy, avid patchworkers to continue the tradition in the medium and design of their choice.
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