Annual General Meeting 2023

Victorian Quilters Inc

2023 Annual General Meeting

was held at 11am on Saturday 25th November, 2023,

at Notting Hill Community Hall,

386 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill, Victoria, 3168

Order of business:

  • Confirmation of the minutes of the 2022 annual general meeting held on 19 November 2022.
  • To receive and consider:-
    • The annual report of the Committee on the activities of the Victorian Quilters Inc during the financial year 2022-2023; and
    • The financial statements of Victorian Quilters Inc for the financial year 2022-2023;
  • By resolution decide the number of ordinary members of the committee to hold office for 2022-2023. (Currently there is provision for 12 ordinary members of the committee, the committee does not propose to change this number).
  • To vary the amounts of the annual subscription and joining fee.
    • Joining fee to be increased to $30 effective 1 January 2024
    • Annual membership to be increased to $55.00 for individuals and $70 for groups
  • To elect the members of the committee.

Process to elect members of the committee:

Who is eligible to be a committee member?

A member is eligible to be elected to the committee if the member is 18 years or over and is eligible to vote at a general meeting.  A current committee member may re nominate for the committee.

The chairperson of the meeting must declare all positions on the committee vacant.

How do you nominate to be a committee member?

Prior to the election of each position, the chairperson of the meeting must call for nominations to fill that position.

An eligible member may

  • Nominate himself or herself; or
  • With the members consent, be nominated by another member.

A member who is nominated for a position and fails to be elected to that position may be nominated for any other position for which an election is yet to be held.

Separate elections must be held for the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

If only one member is nominated, the Chairperson must declare that member elected to the position.  If more than one person is nominated, a ballot must be held in accordance with rule 54.

Election of ordinary committee members

A single election may be held to fill all positions.  If the number of members nominated for the position of ordinary committee member is less than or equal to the number to be elected, the chairperson must declare each of the members to be elected to the position.

If the number of members nominated exceeds the number to be elected, a ballot must be held.


  • The Nominee MUST be a 2023-2024 financial member.
  • It is preferred that nomination form & proxy form are completed and submitted via the website.
  • Forms posted to the Secretary MUST be received by the 23rd November 2023. The mail box was cleared at close of business on this day.

Proxy Voting Form

  • The use of the Proxy Voting Form is allowed for the conduct of the election of the Committee of Management.
  • A member lodging a proxy is deemed to be present at the Annual General Meeting and is counted as part of the quorum.

It is important that Victorian Quilters Inc has a committee of management that includes members with the skills to perform the role for which they have nominated. A number of committee members, have indicated that they will not be nominating for the committee.  We are seeking nominations from members with a wide range of work and life experiences to be part of the Victorian Quilters team that sees us through the next few years.

Further information regarding the roles of the members of the committee are included in the Rules of Victorian Quilters Inc and a summary is also available on the website.  Or maybe you would prefer to speak to a current committee member.

The minutes from the AGM in March 2022 are available here.

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