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HIRE FEE;         $100-00 per day. Exhibition days plus one set up day. The days each side of hire time are free for pick up and delivery. It is assumed that Quilt Stand Equipment dismantled on a Sunday evening would be returned the next business day, being Monday.

A fee of $100-00 per day (No discounts) will be charged for late return of equipment.

A non-refundable deposit/handling fee of $50-00 plus signed Agreement of Hire form is required to confirm booking.

The Hirer accepts that Quilt Stand Equipment (includes Trailer in which equipment is packed)  is hired as a unit as per list of equipment, has been checked and is in good condition.

TRANSPORT;   The Quilt Stands are packed into a tandem trailer and The Hirer shall be responsible for the transportation/towing of the Quilt Stand Equipment from Romsey. Pick up/return times organised by appointment only.

The carrier of the Quilt Stand Equipment shall be deemed to be an agent of the Hirer.

RISK;   The Hirer will assume the risk for any damage to the property and will indemnify Victorian Quilters Inc. for any property damage and/or other damage or personal injury resulting from the use of the Quilt Stand Equipment during the hiring period including transportation of the Quilt Stand Equipment.

RESPONSIBILITY;        The Hirer is responsible for the Quilt Stand Equipment hired from the time of pick up until it is returned. The Hirer shall be responsible for all loss and damage to the Quilt Stand Equipment. All missing and/or damaged items will be charged at full replacement cost plus any associated charges. (eg. freight, customs duty, etc.)

Please complete the form below to check availability.

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Once availability for your dates is confirmed, you will be sent a link to a page with the details of the agreement and the Terms and Conditions of hire. A deposit of $51.25 ($50 + $1.25 credit card processing fee) will be required to complete your application at that point. 

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