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Two lengths of poles are available; 2.5m and 3.0m.
A single stand consists of two uprights and two cross bars held together with clamps and fitted to a T-shaped foot.
All poles are interchangeable, ie; either upright or cross bar. The upright bar is slipped over the T-shaped foot.
Care must be taken not to over tighten clamp bolts.
The stands may be linked together, but it is essential that two cross bars are used in each section.
The backdrops have a sleeve top and bottom, so that cross bars may be threaded through.
When backdrops are used, S hooks are used to hang quilts.
Quilts may be hung directly onto cross bar with a second quilt hung with S hook.
The easiest way to assemble the stands is to lay poles on the floor, lightly tighten clamps, then with a person on each upright, lift to vertical, push legs around to 90° with line of stand. The angle of the sections may be shifted into place (eg. zig-zagged) and clamps tightened (NOT OVERTIGHT).
The reverse is applied to dismantling the stands. When straightening from angles, remember to slightly loosen any clamps which have been tightened, then lowering the frames checking which side the bolts will be undone from. Once again, you will need a person on each upright. DO NOT TWIST sections when dismantling.
CAUTION – Remind helpers of the danger of round poles on the floor. If a pole is not in use, pack it away.

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